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Duncan Katuramu

Well done with the site. I am a nephew of Bazzarabusa. Reading through the site just brought tears to my eyes. Splendid job here. I never met my uncle, but have heard so much about him. Visiting Fort Portal, the name Bazzarabusa is legendary. I wish there were some of his books archived here. It would also be good to share the history of his family on this site. Alot has happened in the family. Is this the legacy?

My dad, who is Bazzarabusa's younger brother I believe has something to contribute. He keeps going on about writing a book. I believe he will one day put it together. (He is 82 years in 2010 and lives in Kanyanya, a suburb on the outskirts of Kampala. Thanks again.

Will Pearce

Fascinating to see the photographs of Wichenford Fete. Some of the faces are familiar. The churchwarden in the dark suit, Mr Fred Griffiths, received the Maundy Money from HM The Queen in, I believe, 1980. I can recall my parents talking about Canon Palin bringing some Ugandan friends to Wichenford in the mid-1960's. Wichenford Fete continues every other year as a social event for the village and raises money for local good causes.


I have visited this site as I met Mr. Bazarrabusa many year ago and he has a place in my family history...........
Thank you

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